About Me

A journalist and filmmaker with a deep understanding of Israel and the cultural and political tensions that lie behind the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict. A recent graduate with distinction from Winchester University’s MA in Journalism, my graduation film on modern day Samaritans won the BJTC 2011 Journalist of the Year Award, was finalist for the RTS and was selected to the NEO NOW LIVE FESTIVAL. Fluent in Hebrew and Arabic, Italian and English she is now looking to further her filmmaking experience and would make an invaluable contribution to any production needing insight and access to this notoriously complex region.




Mobile 0044 (0)7783-712079
Email shira.pinczuk@gmail.com


Journalism: Reporting,Field Research,Office Research,Photography, Filming,Recording,Editing
Software: Final Cut PRO, Adobe Premiere PRO, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office
Languag: English (fluent), Hebrew (mother tongue)
Arabic (spoken), Italian (spoken)

Working Experience
2011 to date Project assistant, University of Winchester
2010 to date Lecturer in Journalism, Winchester University
2010 – 2011 Reporter for WINOL, Winchester News Online
2010 Working Experience, reporter, Geographical Magazine
2006 to date Freelance Journalist (more than 40 published articles and photographic material).
2006 to date Registered Nurse (NMC-UK)
1997 – 2006 Registered Nurse (Israel)

1. “Karet”, 10 min, documentary. Selected to the NEU/NEW Live Film Festival, Tallin, 2011 (www.neunow.com)
2. “Karet”, 30 min, documentary (DVD). Winner, 2011 BJTC TV News Feature category, Nominated (to date) 2011 RTS Postgraduate National Award

1995 Recipient of the “Yitzahk Netzer Annual Contest for Students” first prize , with the thesis “Pregnancy and Delivery among the Negev Traditional Bedouin Society” awarded by the Ben Gurion Research Center, Sde Boker, Israel.
2011 Recipient of the John Stripe Memorial Fund (GBP 500) for the production of the movie “Karet” , United Kingdom
2011 Recipient of the Winton Club, Alumni Society of University of Winchester, (GB 500) for the production of the movie “Karet”, United Kingdom
2011 Finalist, the 2011 NEU/NOW International Live Festival for European Arts Graduates for the movie “Karet”, Estonia.
2011 Selected, the 2011 NEU/NOW International On-Line Festival for European Arts Graduates for the movie “Karet”, the Netherland.
2011 Journalist of the year, BJTC, United Kingdom.
2011 Winner in TV News Feature category for the film “Karet”, BJTC, United Kingdom.
2011 Nominated for Factual category Postgraduate National RTS awards, United Kingdom. (The winner will be announced at the end of May 2012).

1991 – 95 High school “The Ben-Gurion Institute for Environmental Studies”, Sde Boker Campus, Israel
1995 – 98 E. Wolfson Academic Nursing School, Holon, Israel
2002 – 04 BA, Sakler Faculty of Medicine, Department of Nursing, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
2005 Faculty for Humanistic Studies, University of Southampton, UK
2006 Lewis School of English, Southampton, UK
2007 Overseas Nursing Program, Bournemouth University, UK
2010 – 11 MA, Faculty of Media Studies and Art, University of Winchester, UK

1995 High School Graduate, Sde Boker Campus, Israel
1998 Graduate in Nursing, E. Wolfson Academic Nursing School, Israel
1998 Registered Nurse, Ministry of Health – Israel, Nr.171085
2005 B.A. Graduate, Nursing Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel
2006 Academic IELTS, Nr. 000506
2007 Registered Nurse, Nursing and Midwifery Council, UK, PIN 07J01520
2010 Certificate of Higher Education, Journalism (single Hons), University of Winchester
2011 MA graduate, Journalism (single Hons), University of Winchester – UK

Photography Canon EOS 350D + Canon EF Telephoto, 70-200 – F/2.8 1100
Video Sony DSR-PD170
Sound Marantz, 661

Print Publications

1. Pinczuk Viola S. (2012). Smells of Europe. Masa Acher, 250. P26. (Hebrew).
2. Pinczuk S. (2010). It’s All About a Ball of Dough. Masa Acher, 227. P34. (Hebrew).
3. Pinczuk Viola S. (2010). Longing Holly Hobbie. Masa Acher, 226. p100. (Hebrew).
4. Pinczuk S. (2010). Vegetation Model Can Help Predict Desertification. Geographical, May
2010. P10. (English).
5. Pinczuk S. (2010). Volcanoes Slowing Climate Change. Geographical, May
2010. P12. (English).
6. Pinczuk Viola S. (2010). Telenovela Mocheno-Style. Masa Acher, 221. p100. (Hebrew).
7. Pinczuk Viola S. (2010). A Real Cowboy. Teva Hadvarim, 171. p70. (Hebrew).
8. Pinczuk Viola S. (2009). The Hidden secret of the Rockies. Masa Acher, 218.
p 38. (Hebrew).
9. Pinczuk Viola S. (2009). The Deli Island. Masa Acher, 214. p 36. (Hebrew).
10. Pinczuk Viola S. (2009). Who Rolled my Cheese?, Masa Acher, 212. p. 50 (Hebrew).
11. Pinczuk Viola S. (2009). Ski for Families. Masa Acher, 208. p. 21 (Hebrew).
12. Pinczuk Viola S. (2007). The Scent of Cinnamon and Clove, Massa Acher, 195, p 32. (Hebrew)
13. Pinczuk Viola S. (2007). Lessons in Craftsmanship, Massa Acher, 191, p 80-85. (Hebrew)
14. Pinczuk Viola S. (2007). Dolce Lago – The good life in North Italy’s lakes, Massa Acher, 189, p. 68. (Hebrew)
15. Pinczuk Viola S. (2007). The Secrets of the Oaks. Teva Hadvarim, 140, p 54-64. (Hebrew)
16. Pinczuk S. (2006). On the way to Heaven, Eretz Vateva,106, p 53-57. (Cover Article) (Hebrew)
17. Ron Y, Pinczuk S. (2002). The Hammer Tribes of Dimaka. Teva Hadvarim, 75, p 32-49. (Hebrew)
18. Pinczuk S, Porat N, Zelker R. 2005. Music: the curing art. The use of music during the treatment in children with burns as a mean for reduction of pain and anxiety. Israeli Nursing (HaHahot Beysrael) 172, 21-25 (Hebrew).

On-Line Articles
1. Pinczuk Viola S. (2010). Longing Holly Hobbie. 2/09/10 (Hebrew)
2. Pinczuk Viola S. (2010). Quest for a TrueWild West Cowboy. 17/02/10 (Hebrew)
3. Pinczuk Viola S. Ski for Families. 15/02/2009. (Hebrew)
4. Pinczuk Viola S. From the Farm to the Customer. 12/07/2009 (Hebrew)
5. Pinczuk Viola S. Who Rolled my Cheese? 05/05/2009 (Hebrew).
6. Pinczuk Viola S. Italian Cinnamon for Winter. 26/12/2007. (Hebrew)
6. Pinczuk S, Viola N. The Mocheni Valley: of smells and memories. 02/04/2007 (Hebrew)
7. Pinczuk S, Viola N. Forever after the sun. 08/03/2007. (Hebrew)
8. Pinczuk S, Viola N. Good life on the Terrace: Mezzacororna. 29/01/2007. (Hebrew)
9. Pinczuk S, Viola N. The day God separated water from water in the Lake District.
17/01/2007 (Hebrew)
10. Pinczuk S, Viola N. Spooky Winchester. 14/12/2006. (Hebrew)
http://www.lametayel.com/reporters/story.asp?s_id=2267&id=102&dest_id =&dest_type=&ph=0
11. Pinczuk S. The Christmas Market of Bolzano. 26/11/2006. (Hebrew)
12. Pinczuk S, Viola N. Travel in Time through a Picture, part II. 02/11/2006. (Hebrew) http://www.lametayel.com/reporters/story.asp?s_id=2242&id=102&dest_id=&dest_type=&ph=0
13. Pinczuk S, Viola N. Travel in Time through a Picture, part I. 26/10/2006. (Hebrew) http://www.lametayel.com/reporters/story.asp?s_id=2238&id=102&dest_id=&dest_type=&ph=0
14. Pinczuk S, Viola N. Titanic: Behind the Scenes. 11/10/2006. (Hebrew) http://www.lametayel.com/reporters/story.asp?s_id=2228&id=102&dest_id=&dest_type=&ph=0
15. Pinczuk S, Viola N. Where is the Puffin? Biking in the Isle of Purbeck. 27/09/2006. (Hebrew) http://www.lametayel.com/reporters/story.asp?s_id=2221&id=102&dest_id=&dest_type=&ph=0
16. Pinczuk S. Famous Trees. 31/08/2006. (Hebrew)
17. Pinczuk S, Cohen P, Elbaz S. Information booklet on the treatment of children with burn injuries. Editor: Porat N. 2004 (Hebrew).
http://www.hadassah.org.il/NR/rdonlyres/60A69EE3-DFF6-42F3-AF5A- 47CDD5E9A489/2083/חוברתכוויותאפריל2004.pdf

1. Pinczuk Viola S. (2007). Section Photofinish, Teva Hadvarim, 136, p 116.
2. Pinczuk S. (2006). Picture of the Week, Masa Acher Mail, 175. http://masa.nana.co.il/Article/?ArticleID=402329&TypeID=2
3. Pinczuk S. (2010). The Not-So-Wild-After All Wild west. Teva Hadvarim Kids. P4-11


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